Lymphatic Drainage through PRESSOTHERAPY is a light pressure massage that enhances the natural flow of body’s lymphatic system, unclogging any trapped proteins or toxins. 


Our lymph system is a communication network between our organs, enabling essential nutrients to travel across our body and toxins to be flushed out to the lymph glands. The lymphatic system is also the first line of defence of our immune system and gives the signal to all the infection-fighting cells when a harmful micro-organism infects the body.

Lymph congestion most commonly occurs when trapped toxins clog the lymphatic system reducing its normal flow. As toxins accumulate, blocking the proper communication between the vessels, many valuable nutrients or signals might fail to reach their destination in time. As a result, our blood flow could be affected as well as the proper function of our immune system. 

Pressotherapy is a form of pressured air massage that is 700 times stronger than a manual massage. A specialist body suit allows pressure to be applied to certain areas through its unique design. Air is pumped through the required compartments, applying pressure and encouraging lymphatic flow.

  • reduces water retention

  • speeds up the healing of scars post-surgery

  • enhances the elimination of toxins

  • diminishes the appearance of cellulite

  • enhances the elimination of fat cells


We recommend 8-10 sessions at regular intervals. PRESSOTHERAPY is a great add-on treatment to RF BODY and DOUBLECORP.

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