DERMAPEN Microneedling In Straford, London

Microneedling is a skin regeneration treatment which may also be known as dermal rollering, skin needling or Collagen Induction Therapy. At MESO CLINIC we use award winning device DERMAPEN, which triggers the healing mechanisms of the skin to naturally induce new skin tissue production as a means of addressing the skin ageing process.


The development of new collagen, elastin and the water retaining hyaluronic acid is stimulated in the dermis to create a firmer more youthful skin tone while the cells of the epidermis are equally regenerated giving the complexion a finer and smoother texture.


In addition, this treatment will reduce pigmentation, fortify a thin, reactive skin, reduce acne and acne scarring and generally revitalise tired, lack lustre skin.


This damage to the skin will stimulate body to produce new collagen and elastin. The freshly produced collagen will rejuvenate the skin by filling in fine lines, resulting in an overall improvement in the texture and tightness of the skin by removing the wrinkles, acne scars and stretch marks. The channels made from needling allows vitamins to be absorbed more effectively through the top layer of the skin.

The healing process is continuously happening beneath the surface for several months. Collagen production will lead to slow tightening of the skin. Overtime this healing process will lead to the formation of a thick layer of collagen, healthy elastin and improved blood flow at the initial injury site. 

The surface of the skin remains intact, so the risks are very minimal. Skin heals very quickly and there is minimal downtime. The skin needling does not damage the skin but rather leads to thicker and healthier skin.

  • Skin rejuvenation

  • Wrinkle reduction

  • Tightening of the skin

  • Reduce sun damage

  • Improvement in skin tone

  • Reduce large facial pores

  • A general vibrant look


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